Conference Program

The year-round format of the Conference provides an excellent opportunity for efficient networking and fruitful cooperation at the events.

Globally recognized and top-rated Keynote Speakers will inspire us to become better agents of a sustainable future.

Highly accomplished Webinar Hosts across a broad spectrum of sustainability implementation sectors will share with us their best practices.

Highly sought-after Roundtable Speakers will bring a variety of perspectives to the subject under discussion analyzing the most relevant cases in the field. 

All the Conference participants are welcome to make an oral/poster presentation and discuss the topical sustainability-related problems with their colleagues in the Conference Live Sessions format. 

All the Conference participants making an oral/poster presentation will have their abstracts published in the Conference Book of Abstracts before the Conference closing date. For more details, please see the Instructions for Authors page. 

Believing in the productivity of the science-based international conversation in academia, we are to initiate the free publishing of papers in an open-access Scopus/WoS Journal (for not to miss the offers, SUBSCRIBE to our alerts). 

We are open to other forms of engaging polished speakers and skillful sustainability practitioners in the productive conversation.